Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Buy Picture Word Quiz iPhone Game Source Code with Special Discount

Today iPhone is most favorite iOS device in smart phone world. Market itself has grown for the mobile phone game. Usually people like to playing game on iPhone, because it has amazing features which successful to attract people for use it. As the improvement in use of iPhone for playing game, iPhone game development market is fastest growing market today. There are many iPhone games are available on App Store for download free or paid. Currently Picture Word Quiz iPhone game is most favorite game in iPhone game lovers. There is also available Picture Word Quiz iPhone Game Source Code for download with special discount.

This game is highest selling game today, because it is really helpful to relive from your work stress. Many iPhone users are playing this game for take break among working hours. In this game so many advance features as compare to other puzzle game. There are three modes to play, first is Easy, second is Medium and third is Hard. In Picture Word Quiz game you have to give answer according to display four pictures. You think it's so easy but it is little complex. Four pictures are display and you have to give answer which match with all pictures. If players getting any difficulty while playing game then helpful tips are available about how to give answer. This game is helpful to improve your word knowledge.
iPhone Game Source Code
Now picture word quiz game source code available at MobileAppsGallery to download with 25% discount. It is great chance to make your own game by customize this source code. For customize this source code you just have to do some changes. You have to change back ground theme, font color, style and size, add or change in playing level. Just follow some these simple steps and another game is ready similar to Now Picture word quiz game to launch on iTunes. You can publish for both iPhone and iPad.

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